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Arkiv för pressmeddelanden

Datum PI nummer Titel
01.02.2007 1511 JUMO Dtrans T100 New temperature probe with two-wire transmitter for the food and pharmaceutical industries
05.02.2007 1514 JUMO di308 – the new digital indicator “Show your process values in plain text!”
07.02.2007 1515 JUMO AQUIS 500 Ci transmitter/controller for electrolytic conductivity measurement using the inductive method
09.02.2007 1516 JUMO AQUIS 500 AS indicator/controller for sensors with a standard signal output
27.02.2007 1522 JUMO ecoLine and tecLine pH and ORP combination electrodes for swimming pools
21.03.2007 1519 New inductive probe for conductivity and temperature
15.08.2007 1543 Wide range of application and reliable data transmission – new conductivity cells on the 4-electrode principle
13.09.2007 1538 Process monitoring with maximum security Safety temperature monitors and limiters with SIL and EN 14597 certification
17.09.2007 1539 JUMO dTRON 300 Series controllers, now with GL and (DIN) EN 14597 certification
18.10.2007 1534 System optimization made easy Controller startup software from JUMO
07.02.2008 1559 Heat meter – Temperature sensor with MID* approval Complete delivery program available
15.02.2008 1513 JUMO heatTHERM-AT – new innovative surface-mounting thermostat series
05.03.2008 1562 JUMO ecoTRANS pH03 New rail-mounted transmitter for pH, redox (ORP) and temperature with relay contact
18.03.2008 1563 JUMO PCKL Robust temperature sensor for air conditioning technology
25.03.2008 1564 Capacitive Hygrothermo Transducers with intelligent interchangeable probes
12.04.2008 1512 JUMO Wtrans Wireless temperature measurement for industrial applications
02.06.2008 1557 JUMO cTRON A new series of compact controllers
05.06.2008 1558 JUMO LOGOSCREEN nt Paperless recorder with new features
11.06.2008 1561 JUMO MIDAS S05 Low cost pressure transmitter with compact and robust construction
19.06.2008 1580 Tube surface RTD temperature probe with new contact part
02.10.2008 1560 JUMO DELOS Electronic pressure switch with display
15.10.2008 1591 JUMO Wtrans Wireless temperature measurement – now with a new transmitter and additional receivers
16.10.2008 1592 Now also available in 48 x 48 mm format JUMO dTRON 300 plast
03.03.2009 1611 Investment in ultra-modern SMD production
04.03.2009 1614 JUMO PCA3000 evaluation and visualization software with new functionality
11.03.2009 1613 The JUMO LOGOSCREEN nt paperless recorder with stainless steel front and touch panel now has ATEX approval and is tested to KTA 3505
14.03.2009 1612 JUMO level and temperature sensor for commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery
22.03.2009 1610 JUMO heatTHERM-DR – the new innovative DIN rail thermostat
30.03.2009 1609 New process pressure transmitters JUMO dTRANS p20 – easy operation, stainless steel housing
01.10.2009 1646 pH and ORP electrode series has many new customer advantages
15.10.2009 1638 New for the JUMO PEKA adapter system: a welding socket for pipe installations
30.10.2009 1647 SPS/IPC/DRIVES JUMO Shows Off New Trends and Products for Automation Technology
25.02.2010 1663 Magnetically inductive flow rate transmitter with frequency, current and relay outputs
25.02.2010 1682 JUMO IMAGO F3000 Process, control and regulation unit with TFT display and new design
25.02.2010 1703 External RTD temperature probe for the building systems industry
26.02.2010 1664 Impeller flow rate sensor with connector to EN 175 310 and frequency output
01.03.2010 1665 Financial Year 2009 JUMO GmbH & Co. KG
02.03.2010 1666 JUMO Wtrans Wireless temperature measuring system with ATEX approval and electronic modules up to 125°C
03.03.2010 1667 JUMO Wtrans B Programmable head transmitter with wireless transmission
04.03.2010 1668 JUMO DELOS T Electronic temperature switch with display and analog output
05.03.2010 1669 Temperature sensors for cold meters
08.03.2010 1670 New compact transmitter / controller series for liquid analysis
10.03.2010 1672 JUMO TB/TW 08 The new temperature limiter and monitor to EN 14 597 for panel mounting
11.03.2010 1673 JUMO MIDAS C08: basic OEM pressure transmitter
21.04.2011 1705 Process immersion fitting with integrated circulating sensor rinsing
21.07.2011 1710 New flue gas temperature monitors (ATW) with DIN approval
22.03.2012 1734 JUMO Analytical Measurement extends the range of sensors for measuring the electrolytic conductivity of pure and ultra-pure water
22.03.2012 1742 Additions to the industry portal of the JUMO Group
06.04.2012 1747 EHEDG certification for the hygienic inductive conductivity and temperature sensor JUMO tecLine Ci
19.04.2012 1762 JUMO mTRON T - Your System
20.10.2011 1730 Tryckgivare för tågapplikationer
23.04.2012 1776 JUMO AQUIS touch S - Innovative, Modular Multichannel Measuring Instrument for Liquid Analysis
23.04.2012 1780 New Hygrostats for Indoor Use
01.05.2012 1732 Ny innovativ frostskyddstermostat
01.05.2012 1752 JUMO dTRANS p32 tryckgivare för tillämpningar inom medicinteknik
01.05.2012 1711 JUMO Säkerhetstemperaturbegränsare och vakt
01.05.2012 1671 JUMO TYA-200 Ny tyristor baserad på mikroprocessorteknik
01.05.2012 1753 JUMO mTRON T - Your System
21.06.2012 1774 JUMO exTHERM-AT - Innovativ explosionsskyddad kapslad termostat
04.07.2012 1804 JUMO LOGOSCREEN fd Bildskärmsskrivare
19.07.2012 1731 Kompakt tryckgivare för de lägre tryckområdena
19.07.2012 1777 JUMO dTRANS T05 2-tråds mätomvandlare med USB programmeringsgränssnitt
13.11.2012 1778 JUMO MIDAS C18 SW Tryckomvandlare i titan
03.04.2013 1830 Mobile and Flexible - Trådlös tryckgivare från JUMO
18.12.2013 1810 JUMO tecLine TC – Den nya sensorn för totalklor, säker och tillförlitlig mätning
18.12.2013 1801 Ny CO2-givare för fastighetsautomation
18.12.2013 1833 Långsiktig stabilitet och låga drift- och underhållskostnader, kännetecknar denna nya sensor - JUMO ecoLine O- DO, optiskt mätsystem för löst syre.
11.03.2014 1831 Mer än bara en touch... - Den universella process controller JUMO DICON Touch förenklar drift och styrning av processer.
11.03.2014 1829 JUMO Quantrol- kompakt, självoptimerande och enkel att använda.